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Our Accounting For Non-Accountant's Course

Would you like to understand tax  compliance and basic accounting but don't have time to attend a lengthy course?

We have a course called 'Bean Counting for Business Owners' and it is designed for those who have no knowledge of accounting or for those who have start up businesses.  The idea of this course is an 'Accounting for Non-Accountants' and although it is not designed to take away your bookkeeper or accountant (as it is only an 5 hour course), it will provide you with some basic insights into the accounting world.

This coures requires a minimum of 3 people to run and is on an 'as needs' basis.  Meaning that there are no set dates, just an agreed time to meet up and learn. 

The course is held at our beautiful office in Cullen Bay.  

 See attached for more information or call us on 

6182 1322 if you are unsure. 

Want more information or ready to enrol?   Head to the 'Contact' page and fill in the details. 

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