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Adding Value Beyond Closing The Books....And Providing Insight Into Your Business

For a free half hour consultation, contact us on 08 6182 1322

Want to learn Xero?  

We provide Xero training!  See our page called 'Xero Training' for more information

Now Offering Training On Accounting Packages such as Xero

Do you sometimes wonder how your business is really tracking?

Are you a start up business and you feel overwhelmed by where to start with your business and need guidance on setting up your business and business strategy? Or are you a business owner who processes their own transactions through your accounting software package (or you have a bookkeeper who process this for you) but you don't really know what the numbers mean and how you can grow your business?

Here at The Adding Value CFO Pty Ltd, not only are we a CPA accounting practice and having over 29 years experience within finance in many different industries, we provide small businesses owners like yourself some 'business coaching' advice as well as the option to provide either training on your accounting software package or we can look after the bookkeeping tasks for you.

We also have a 'Bean Counting For Business Owners' course on offer at the moment, this is a flexible 'Accounting for Non-Accountant's' course and is held in our office or virtually.  More information can be found in our 'Contact' page or our 'Accounting Course' page on this website. 

We do things differently. We have regular catch ups with the business owners to discuss business strategy, provide business coaching and further insights into your business. We have worked in many industries such as small sole trader industries, partnerships, large international organisations, not for profit and government organisations and we understand how overwhelming starting out in your own business can be.

We provide extra value to your business as business is not always just about the numbers. We use strategic analysis to help with your business goals.

Click on the relevant tabs to find out how we can help by providing added value to your business! Here is a link to our testimonial page for others who have used our services:

Our Mission Statement and Our Values:

We are located in Darwin

For a free initial meeting, contact Michele on 08 6182 1322

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Virtual CFO Services

For services to improve your business performance so you stay ahead of the game...

Bookkeeping with BAS lodgement

For services with regards to quality bookkeeping....

Accounting Course

For information in relation to the Accounting for Non-Accountant's course.

Bookkeeping Tutorial

For one to one Xero training both online or face to face. 

Enquire here.

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