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We have now moved to the beautiful Cullen Bay!


Please get in touch!

Interested in our services? Perhaps you require Xero Training Or perhaps you are interested in our new 'Bean Counting for Business Owners' course?  Further information regarding our 'Bean Counting for Business Onwers' course is below.  Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Months of the Basic Bean Counting Course I'm interested in (see dates at the bottom of this page)


The Adding Value CFO Pty Ltd is a member of Territory Proud

Contact Information

The Adding Value CFO has now moved!

New Phone Number: 08 6182 1322


Our New Address: 

7/54 Marina Boulevard

Cullen Bay  Northern Territory

Hours of Operation

(Please Note: By Appointment Only)

Mon-Fri: 9-4pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

Our Basic Bean Counting Course

FAQ re: The 8 hour Accounting for Non Accountants Course:

1. How much is it? - 100% Government Funded for eligible NT businesses

2. Is there an outlay? - No, you just enrol online (see above form)

3. Can I do this course online? - Yes

4. I am a sole trader, can I still be eligible? - Yes

5. I work in a Not for profit organisation, can I still be eligible? - Yes

6. Can I invite my staff members to attend - Yes, please fill in a separate enrolment form for each person

7. When are the dates of this course? - Every month until December 2021 we have this course on offer. (See dates below.)

8. What are the locations of the course - Alice Springs and Darwin

9. Is it a one day course? - It is a course spread over two mornings, that way you can continue with work in the afternoons (ie catch up on emails etc)

10. What is an eligible NT business? - See flyer attached for more information or call me on 8963 5688 if you are unsure.

Dates for the Basic Bean Counting Course

All Courses are from 9am until 1pm:

2021 Classes:

August 9th and August 16th - Darwin 

September 15th and September 17th - Darwin

September 29th and September 30th - Alice Springs

October 7th and October 8th - Darwin

November 29th and November 30th - Darwin

December 2nd and December 3rd - Alice Springs

December 13th and December 14th - Darwin

Ask us about our online times! 

2022 Classes: 

Darwin - 11th April and 20th April 

Alice Springs - 28th and 29th April

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